Actreen® Mini Set

Female/ Paediatric Catheter

Actreen® Mini Set is a new generation of mini urinary sets designed for female intermittent catheterization. The set includes a catheter and a urine collection bag with an anti-reflux valve. For further discretion carry pouches are provided with each box.


  • Easy to unfold and ready to use set
  • Pre-lubricated 9cm catheter, no need to add water
  • Easy to open with the pre-cut guide
  • Available in CH10 - CH14
  • Smooth eyelets at the tip for deep bladder emptying
  • Anti-reflux valve to avoid leakages during storage and before bag emptying
  • Tear off system facilitates bag emptying
  • Graduated collection bag (up to 700 ml)
  • PVC-free, DEHP-free
  • Lightest Mini set with optimal waste management in weight & volume (*)

(*) B. Braun Internal Report 2012 comparing the weight and waste management on Mini Set products.