Softima® Closed

One-Piece Closed Pouch

With its flower shaped hydrocolloid skin protector, Softima® closed colostomy bags adapt well to body contours and give added comfort to people with a colostomy. These pouches are available in two sizes: midi and maxi.

Range of Application



  • Midi Pouch:
    • Available in beige and transparent 
    • Bag capacity of +/- 465 ml
    • Cut-to-fit Ø15-60 mm:
    • Pre-cut (Beige Only)  Ø25 mm, Ø30 mm, Ø35 mm, Ø40 mm and Ø45 mm: 
  • Maxi Pouch:
    • Available in beige with split cover and transparent
    • Bag capacity of +/- 590 ml
    • Cut-to-fit Ø15-75 mm

The beige split cover colostomy bags with its inspection window (maxi only) combine both the discretion of a beige stoma bag and the visual control of a transparent bag to easily monitor the condition of the stoma.

High performing degassing filter:

  • The Laminar Technology (LT) filter provides an optimized performance of degassing and deodorizing
  • The High Performance (HP) filter with its high-tech breathable membrane is leak-proof and permeable to gases


  • Soft non-woven and odor-proof plastic film
  • Free of latex (PVC) and phthalates (DEHP)


  • Boxes of 30 colostomy bags