Softima® High Flow

One-Piece Drainable Pouch

With its flower shaped hydrocolloid skin protector, Softima® High Flow pouches adapt well to body contours and give added comfort to people with an enterostomy. The Softima® High Flow bags are specifically designed to collect a large quantity of body effluents and the 15mm outlet allows an easy evacuation of liquid stools and food debris.

Range of Application



Ergonomic bag shape with large outlet:

  • Compact optimized bag design for large capacity with funnel-shaped lower section
  • 15 mm large outlet, easy to handle, even for people with low dexterity
  • Can be connected to the Flow Collector, a distal urine bag 
  • Integrated LKP filter: leak-proof and permeable to gases
  • Box of 30 High Flow drainable bags

Colors and capacity (ISO 8670-2):

  • Capacity of +/- 690 ml
  • Cut-to-fit Ø15-76 mm: beige and transparent


  • Soft non-woven and odor-proof plastic film
  • Free of latex (PVC) and phthalates (DEHP)