Softima® Active Convex Uro

Fit for life

All ostomates have different body shapes, skin types and stomas but they often share a common challenge that can have a huge impact on their life...

... stoma leakages with skin irritation

Soft convex ostomy appliances are designed to ensure a good seal between the bag system and the peristomal skin.

But to help prevent complications, it's important to get the right FIT.

Fit for comfort

The softness that helps protect: Now ostomates can benefit from Softima's gentle hydrocolloid adhesive combined with soft convexity.

Skin Protection + Soft Convexity = Confidence

  • Skin protection: Softima has a gentle, yet secure hydrocolloid that helps promote healthy peristomal skin.
  • Soft convexity: The soft ring allows greater flexibility and comfort while forming a good seal.
  • Confidence: Enabling ostomates to enjoy the activities they love without worry or discomfort.

Fit for function

Thanks to distinctive characteristics, Softima Active Convex bags are designed to increase comfort, security and discretion when worn and helps reduce the risk of complications.

  • Softima adhesive with soft convexity: Flexible, secure and easy to remove.
  • 6mm gentle slope: Designed to ensure a comfortable, effective seal.
  • Multiple belt loops: Adaptable positioning to suite different body shapes.